Analysis Of Mary Karr 's ' An Almost Unbroken Panorama '

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1. “Mary Karr presents her childhood in an almost unbroken panorama. Mine is a fogged-out landscape from which occasional memories appear like isolated trees . . . . the kind that look as if they might like to grab and eat you.” Excerpt From: Stephen King. “On Writing.” pg. 17

This is an example of a metaphor that King used to compare his rather hazy memories of his childhood to Mary’s very clear and happy memories. His use of a very descriptive metaphor in this comparison really helps the reader understand the differences between. The metaphor not only compares his memories to May’s but it also describes the harshness of those few memories.

3. “There was a whole world of vicarious adventure which came packaged in black-and-white, fourteen inches across and sponsored by brand names which still sound like poetry to me. I loved it all.” Excerpt From: Stephen King. “On Writing.”pg. 47

This is an example of imagery which King uses to express his view of early television. He saw it as an incredible little box that offered visual entertainment much like a book offers entertainment. The vivid description paints a picture in your head of his TV and the things he watched. To him it was a whole new world, and he shares tat feeling with his readers using this imagery.

4. “There is no Idea Dump, no Story Central, no Island of the Buried Bestsellers; good story ideas seem to come quite literally from nowhere, sailing at you right out of the empty sky: two previously unrelated
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