Analysis Of Mary Shelley 's ' Frankenstein '

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One of the greatest pieces of literature during the Romantic Period is the novel, Frankenstein. This intelligent work of art was written by Mary Shelley. Shelley was born in London on August 30th, 1797 and died on February 1, 1851. People from all around the world have heard about the monster created by the one and only Victor Frankenstein; also known as the world’s maddest scientist that has ever lived in the fictional world. As many people do not know, Mary Shelley subtitled her book “Or, The Modern Prometheus?” This gothic novel is similar to that of the story about the Greek god Prometheus. Readers are given reasons to assume that her story might have something to do with the Greek myth about the titan named Prometheus. Victor…show more content…
After a major battle in the heavens by the children of the titan Kronos, the titans were kicked out of the heavens for the most part, except for Prometheus. Prometheus helped the gods that were left, led by Zeus to gain power. He eventually fell short of favor with Zeus as he attempted to help the mortals on Earth, which Zeus despised. Zeus wanted to start over with creation and was waiting for the all the mortals to go extinct. Prometheus stopped this and granted mortals the gift of fire. As a result, Zeus had Prometheus tied and chained to the very top of the Caucasus Mountains. He was forced to suffer for the rest of his life and eternity until the arrival of Hercules. His liver was eaten every day by an Eagle and at dawn it would grow back only to be eaten again by the Eagle. Frankenstein and Prometheus attempted to bring life to this world, but without the consent of God, they were made to suffer for their actions. In Frankenstein the act of giving life to another mortal is very unhuman like, because it goes against all the rules of human nature. Prometheus also goes against rules of the gods by stealing fire and giving it as a gift to mortals on Earth. After they create their creations, both Dr. Frankenstein and Prometheus have to pay for their actions and do not get off so easy. They both get punished and tortured for ignoring the unwritten laws of nature and science. What they did was immoral. There are many different similarities
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