Analysis Of Mary Shelley 's ' Frankenstein '

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Frankenstein thinks that everything is alright now, but Elizabeth has a premonition that the monster will return, and she warns her fiancé that she fears some harm is going to befall him. At the same time, during the entire village’s celebration, the father of the dead girl carries her lifeless body though the streets for all to see. The shock crowd stops its celebration, stunned and outraged over the death of Maria, and they demand justice from The Burgomaster (mayor) and local police. By nightfall, the angry mob has organized into torch carrying search parties to find the murderer. Frankenstein is determined to destroy the creature, and leads one of several groups looking for the monster, up the mountainous terrain. Frankenstein gets separated from the main group and encounters the monster face to face. They fight, but the monster strikes Frankenstein down, and carries him to an abandoned old mill. However, the monster is unable to elude its pursuers, the dogs have picked up its scent, and the chasing mob converges on the mill. Confronted, the monster climbs to the top, and throws Frankenstein off. The enraging mob with torches blazing set fire to the mill. The monster panics, but is completely trapped by the burning mill, and a flaming wooden beam slams on top of it, pinning it down as the entire mill is engulfed in flames. Frankenstein is last seen in bed, recovering at his father’s house, with Elizabeth by his side. 4. (Description of
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