Analysis Of Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein

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Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein is a riveting story that not only succeeded in captivating the reader 's attention, but also comments on societal views on “Good” and “Evil”. The story draws a parallel between the main character Victor Frankenstein and his creation The Crauter. The novel undoubtedly contains evil and acts of evil yet it is not apparent who is the true “Monster”; the creator or the creation. Victor Frankenstein is a selfish man who, out of a surplus in ego, created something that should have never lived. That creation, the creature, went on to commit murder and bring a real sense of hell on Earth to those whom he surrounded himself with. So, the question is asked “who is more evil, Frankenstein or his creation?” The crux of…show more content…
If such lovely creatures were miserable, it was less strange that I, an imperfect and solitary being, should be wretched. Yet why were these gentle beings unhappy? They possessed a delightful house (for such it was in my eyes) and every luxury; they had a fire to warm them when chill, and delicious viands when hungry; they were dressed in excellent clothes; and, still more, they enjoyed one another 's company and speech, interchanging each day looks of affection and kindness. What did their tears imply? Did they really express pain? I was at first unable to solve these questions; ” (Shelly 98) this moment is important because it shows how the creator cannot see the fault in the human soul that allows us to be incredibly unhappy is the best of situation. More importantly this moment shows how the creature is unable to connect with the De Lacy family to understand their emotions. Just by looking at someone it is easy to tell if their tears falls from joy or from pain, yet the creature is unable to distinguish this. This advanced level of empathy standard for mankind is missing from the creature, further polarizing the differences between the creator and mankind. The desperation expressed by the creature, and would eventually become an obsession, for a life partner, highlights how he is the only one of his kind. When the creature reads the
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