Analysis Of Maya Angelou 's ' Angelou '

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“Our parents had decided to put an end to their calamitous marriage and Father shipped us home to mother” (Angelou 7).
1. This excerpt comes from the beginning of chapter one. The narrator, who is also the main character Maya Angelou, informs her reader of her family status.
2. The author informs us that she is currently living with her Father’s mother due to the separation of their parents.
3. Maya Angelou includes this passage to show that there is no perfect marriage and provide knowledge as to how hard it was live back then. This passage is significant because it shows the audience that due to impact of slavery, many families were faced with numerous problems.
4. This passage somewhat resembles what I have gone through in my life. My parents also put an end to their marriage. My grandparents live with us and have raised me well.

“In Stamps the segregation was so complete that most Black children didn’t really absolutely know what whites looked like.” (Angelou 26).
1. Maya Angelou says this passage in chapter four to notify the reader of how segregated the city of Stamps is.
2. Due to the segregation in Stamps, most Black children did not know physical appearance of whites.
3. The author, Maya Angelou, tries to grab the reader’s attention on how bad segregation was during that time era. This quote is important because it shows readers the effect of racism on a community.
4. Although racism has declined tremendously, it still continues to roam around and affect many
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