Analysis Of Maya Angelou 's ' Champion Of The World '

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In the United States, there are people from all over the world who come from different backgrounds and have faced horrendous things. Some of these people feel that their race is inferior to others, but deal with it in different ways. Although the tension between whites and minorities was at it’s strongest in the 1950’s, today’s world still deals with racial discrimination. The question “Is one race superior to all others?” Some overcome this by believing one person can change how other races perceive them or by confronting the public and shining light on what’s going on in the world. Throughout this paper I will discuss how every person overcomes the stereotypes they face everyday. I will then analyze how stereotyping and discrimination…show more content…
Angelou uses descriptive language to draw the readers in, she gives detail by detail of how the boxing match took place and all the emotions that were running through her. For the most part the writer is credible, she explains how the black community in her town came together to listen to the radio, but after some research it was found that Joe Louis and Primo Carnera only fought once and it was not a championship fight. Perhaps she was referring to that same fight, but simply made a mistake. Within any type of ethnic community, people will always find an icon they can believe in, People use these icons to seek power and acceptance as a way to hide their inferiority complex. People all over the world are tearing eachother down for meaningless racial competition. It isn’t difficult to see that there are more important things in life than to be boasting about one’s race. In Gloria Naylor’s essay, “The Meanings of a Word” (1986), proves that the language of stereotypes can be powerful and painful to encounter. Naylor supports this statement by providing small anecdotes of how the first time she truly “heard” that derogatory term compared to when she heard people of her neighborhood using it. Naylor’s purpose is to discuss how a word can go from a positive connotation to a negative one simply by how it is spoken and by whom in order to

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