Analysis Of Mayor Muriel Bowser 's Leadership Style

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(Associated Press). These are also amongst some of the everyday pressing concerns of residents of Washington DC. Therefore, her leadership style is unique, due to the early influences in her love of living in Washington DC and working alongside of her father and Mayor Fenty with politics (Jaffee, 2014). Many of the qualities of compassion and understanding of the needs of citizens are derived from the sincerity she has witnessed her father provide. Leadership Recommendations: Mayor Muriel Bowser Within DC government, Mayor Muriel Bowser has made various contributions to the improvement of current social, economic, and environmental issues in which plagues residents. Recommendation of further leadership goals and measurements…show more content…
This program will also improve the city in long term goals by having individuals who are highly qualified and completes their jobs more effectively. This enhancement in the education and training of employees can be documented by the human resources department and also quarterly reviews of productivity of each employee. Transparency in leadership practices is important due to the increase in corruption amongst governmental official. An incident in which recently took place with Mayor Bowser includes her new plans to shut down a previous homeless shelter at DC General within a certain timeline. Individuals would then transfer to new housing in which Mayor Bowser found private property in which the city would pay for this transitional housing from its budget. Council members became suspicious when Mayor Bowser would not discuss how the property and zoning permits were acquired, but the private owners of the property were known as large contributors to her campaign. These types of practices cause suspicion and speculation of leaders, especially in a city which deems such a corrupt history from Mayor Barry and Mayor Fenty. According to Arzumanyan, leadership requires “publicity and openness of the leader and his or her team” (Arzumanyan, 2016). Within transparency and openness of the political agenda of members of the DC Counsel, there will be a regained sense of trust amongst citizens and officials. Another tool in which Mayor

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