Analysis Of Mcdonald 's S Uk

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By examining McDonald’s 2012 commercial “Still in Awe” Angus Burger, we can see subliminal messaging through the sexual innuendo background music “Rock You like a Hurricane”, which is important because of the persuasion to the thirty year old professional white male. Throughout the beginning of the commercial there is important lyrics blocked out that many thirty year olds would most likely know without even thinking about it. As the commercial is coming to the end and is about to show the burger it states with the intense lyrics of “Here I am, Rock you like a hurricane, Here I am”. At the beginning of the commercial there is one enthusiastic, athletic built black male being ignored by a young white female as he is explaining something exciting to her, being quickly ignored with shock and envy look on her face as she has her fork of salad falling back into the bowl, eyes glued at the sight of McDonald’s brand new Angus Burger. Incorporating the hidden lyrics, this young girl is hungry as it states in the lyrics “The bitch is hungry,” but she is shocked by the sight of this burger making her speechless, which is followed up with the lyrics “she needs to tell.” But the lyric makes thirty year old males think she is craving coitus. Plus the upbeat rhythm of the song makes it suspenseful for the commercial to tell the men what will satisfy them.
Similarly to the beginning, the second scene shows a white woman around her early forties at the register
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