Analysis Of Mcdonald 's ' The Golden Arches '

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The golden arches are one of the most recognizable logos on the planet. McDonald’s is one of the biggest food companies in the world which does not seem hard to believe since they have served over a billion people. When someone goes to McDonald’s they come through the door expecting a certain quality of service and food. McDonald’s goal is to meet the guest expectations to build customer loyalty. With over 35,000 restaurants in 118 different countries, McDonald’s has created a very detailed and thought out code of ethics so that employees represent the company in a favorable manner.
A code of ethics is a document that expresses companies’ goals and expectations. Some code of ethics can be very simple and to the point. Usually big companies have a much larger code of ethics compared to smaller businesses, this being because bigger companies have to cover a lot more. With a company the size of McDonalds’, they must cover things like international business interactions. The company wants all employees to represent the brand in a positive manner, while also obeying trade laws of both of the respected countries. Some of these laws require that all transactions are not being used for money laundering, restrict trade with certain countries, and restrict making transactions that could help terrorist or groups that support terrorist activities. One of the biggest policies address conflict of interest. The company is very direct with what they claim to be a conflict of interest,
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