Analysis Of Mckibben 's ' Sweetest Of Sweet Spots '

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In the first chapter of Eearth, McKibben states that for the majority of human existence we have lived in the “sweetest of sweet spots”. This is a reference to Earth when it had a “correct” temperature for sustaining a diverse world. This diverse world had contained all walks of life that it was able to sustain due to the globally average temperature. Later in that chapter, McKibben states we no longer live on that planet, and that it might as well have a different name because of how much this planet has changed. The purpose of this paper is to structuralize McKibben’s thought process through a summary of why the increase of carbon dioxide emissions has created and is still creating an alternative Earth, while exploring why it is so hard for civilization to cut down on these carbon emissions. First it is important to observe the changes that have taken place. The planet has nearly raised a degree Celsius. While the Earth has been getting warmer, there have been a couple of significant changes in weather patterns and other physical characteristics that have taken place to make this place seem alien to us. For example, there has been six percent more lightning around the world. This has caused more fires that have destroyed habitats for all living things in that specific area. There also has been a change in rain patterns due to the tropics expanding, which has made it unpredictable to figure out where and when to grow crops for food. In Australia the winds

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