Analysis Of ' Medea ' And All My Sons '

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The literary pieces that I chose for my Final Project, I am the classic play written by Euripides, Medea by Euripides constructed in 431 B.C. and All My Sons written by Arthur Miller in 1947. The propose of this paper is to analyze the classical work of Medea and the contemporary work, All My Sons, for their particular storytelling components, themes and the assessment and narrative choices that the authors utilized as it connects to the literary convention of their time period. In addition, I will discuss the likenesses and differences of these two plays with respects to characterization, narrative choices, themes, and literary conventions.
Medea of Euripides is an ancient Greek tragedy drama play written by Euripides,
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She was a powerful and dynamic character in a time when strong women were not depicted in Greek culture. Medea was an unconventional woman in ancient Greek times, and it was uncharacteristic for females in Athenian society to be a heroine and focal point.
Medea, the protagonist, was the daughter of Aeetes of Colchis, she was driven by passion and committed horrendous crimes for the love of Jason. Euripides characters are a relatively flat character, and they do not change dramatically throughout the play. The character Medea is cynical, wicked, scheming and unlike any other heroine in ancient times, she blames Jason for her predicament and seeks out revenge against everything that he loved. The opening act takes place in the setting outside of Jason and Medea home in Corinth, Medea standing outside irradiates to the Chorus how Jason victimized her and deserted the family. Like other plays in Greek history, the play included The Chorus which was comprised of the women from Corinth; the there role was to converse with Medea and evoke sympathy for her character.
The Nurse, Chorus, and Medea give a history of Medea and Jason’s relationship, and the inciting incidence begins. Medea describes how she is distraught and shattered because she sacrificed everything for Jason, yet he is leaving her and their two sons to marry Glauce. Being exiled from Corinth, Medea persuades Creon the King to let
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