Analysis Of ' Medea ' By Euripides

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Medea, A play written by Euripides. The play is set in Corinth, a Greek city. The play consists of much conflict. Jason, Medea’s husband who has abandoned her and her two sons, in hopes of achieving a higher social status and advancing his station. His idea was to marry Glauce, which happened to be the daughter of Creon. Creon, was the king of Corinth, the city where they were residing. In short words, Jason chose to advance his ambitions rather than stay loyal to his family. His actions destroy Medea completely, they leave her heartbroken considering Medea went through great lengths for her love. Although she was devastated, it also led her on to a dark path. A path that she was convinced would relieve her of her grief, revenge. Medea ended up blinded by hate, she ended up killing Glauce, the king Creon, and even her sons, all in the name of revenge. Does this make Medea a victim, a monster, or both? From my perspective, Medea is both a victim and a monster. She starts off as a victim, being betrayed and manipulated by her beloved Jason. A person she gave up everything for, her home, her family. It took a toll on her emotional wellbeing. Although she started a victim, she let her feelings influence her into becoming a monster. Understandable, being heart broken, feeling like you no longer have anything to live for. All due to the fact the person you gave it all up for abandoned you, and the family you together created. What’s not understandable nor acceptable is letting
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