Analysis Of Medic Call, An Organization

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Medic-Call is an organisation which provides 24 hour reassurance to the elderly and vulnerable through a personal alarm system which can contact their family and neighbours and should any problems arise.

There are many issues facing operations managers within Medic –Call while ensuring they keep their focus on customer service. These issues include, staff training this is very lengthy and costly which is large issue they need to deal with, this interlinks with the fact they have a very high level of staff turnover. Furthermore Medic –Call need to address their staff productivity issues and ensure all their staff are being fully utilized.

Specifically, this report critically discusses the view on capacity management and resource planning and the impact they have within organisations. To do so, this report firstly considers the importance and influence that capacity management has to do with the success of an organisation. The second sections focuses on capacity planning and resource management in direct relation to Medic-Call. Lastly, it examines the impact coping zones have on an organisations staff and customers.

2.0 Capacity Management
Capacity Management is focused on ‘…ensuring the service process has sufficient resources to deal with the anticipated levels of customer demand in such a way that quality of service meets pre-set targets in the most cost effective way’. (Johnston et al., 2012 p 284)

Brown et al (2012) suggests there are two variables which…
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