Analysis Of Men Catch Up With Women On Social Media

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Authors use different writing skills in order to organize their writings and be the most proficient when addressing readers. If the reader is able to identify these structures, it helps the reader understand the authors point of a view and facts. Different writing styles allow for the development of similarities and differences between more than one article, enabling readers to get different perspective on similar topics. Both “Men Catch Up With Women on Overall Social Media Use” by Monica Anderson and “The Difference Between How Men and Women Communicate on Facebook” by Peggy Kern touch base on the same general topic of how social media use is different amongst genders but their writing styles and structures differ. The general topic researched was how gender has an effect on social media. Throughout researching this topic, it was discovered that women and men use social media an equal amount but the language use differs. Women tend to use words that are cute and warm and typically give more compliments. Men use more swear words and overall speak a more hostile language. Language is not the only thing that can be altered depending on gender, the content of the post can differ too. Women enjoy posting pictures and keeping up with their family, while men post about politics or current sports broadcast. It has been proven men use social media more for business purposes, while women are likely to communicate and stay in touch around their community. In the first article,
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