Analysis Of Mental Illness By Lexi Lyon

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Despite the recent advancements in education and medical care, mental illness continues to thrive in modern society, destroying the lives of an estimated 60 million individual worldwide, which is precisely what Lexi Lyon discusses in Sustaining the Stigma, where she implores that healthy individuals around the world recognize the real and detrimental affects that mental health has. Unlike other health diagnoses, mental illnesses are not openly discussed nor does the majority of society accept it as a real health issue. Lyon explains that the culmination of false stereotypes, prejudice, and a lack of understanding have led to the perpetuation of ill-willed treatment toward those who suffer from illnesses that affect an individual’s way of thinking,…show more content…
With bold statements that claim the mental illness is purely a result of an “overactive imaginations” and that the illness themselves are merely “make-believe”, Lyon’s persona evokes anger from the readers, knowing that what she says is false. However, these nonsensical statements are actually believed to be true across the globe. Lyon is truly criticizing the uneducated citizens around the world for being so quick to pass judgments about topics they know virtually nothing about. Just as the statistics surrounding mental health stigmas are alarming, so is the blasé manner in which she chooses to speak about such a sensitive topic. Through precise and insulting diction when describing the “dangerous lunatics” Lyon is able to build her persona into an educated and odious individual with genuine concern about the safety of the world. She develops this through unspeakable statements, like how mental health sufferers are actually actively choosing to suffer in such a manner, going as far to claim that “these poor people are simply suffering from delusion.” Her strategic use of facts integrated with absurd thoughts is what makes the piece so incredibly moving. The sardonic tone she takes on throughout her paper when speaking about “pitiful people” continuously reminds her audience that despite how ludicrous these real statistics are, people around the world have seriously expressed…show more content…
Her persona audaciously claims that these “made-up disorders” are fake because “every [symptom] correlating to an anxiety disorder also happens to be a product of having the flu.” Lyon’s persona is ruthless, consistently tearing down those with a mental health disorder, which is the complete opposite of Lyon’s true view of mental illness. She goes on to discuss how mental illnesses are physical impossible to diagnosis via tests, claiming that “because this illness is a sham there is no way to diagnosis it,” proving that it is false. In reality, Lyon is truly critiquing those who do not accept mental disorders such as anxiety or depression as real issues. Through these comments, Lyon’s true purpose, to show the misinformed the error of their ways shines

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