Analysis Of Metallic Decades Of Metal Dominance

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Metallica: Decades of Metal Dominance
Thrash metal band Metallica has an expansive history of over thirty years. Trials and tribulations continuously impact the band however, they are always able to unify after tragedy. With each set back Metallica encounters; whether it is the loss of a band member or low album sales, a reinvention occurs within their music. Despite performing music for the masses, Metallica retains mysterious qualities. Band members have effectively kept their private lives out of public scrutiny that often plagues successful musicians.
Founding Members
The vision to create the ultimate rock band stemmed from the imagination of drummer Lars Ulrich. Ulrich’s progressive upbringing in a wealthy family of Sweden came with opportunities to travel and pursue hobbies. Ulrich was also a fan of the punk rock movement, new wave of British heavy metal that was occurring in Europe in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s (Christie, 222). Ulrich took influence gained from local musicians with him to America. There he played for garage and underground bands in the Los Angeles area. At one point he auditioned for singer James Hetfield and ironically was not chosen. However, a few months later their paths would fatefully cross again.
In a fortunate twist, Hetfield responded to a newspaper ad by Ulrich, and a lifelong bond was formed. James Hetfield, vocalist of Metallica, helped Ulrich capture his dream of the ultimate rock band. A california native, Hetfield’s early…
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