Analysis Of Meursault In The Stranger

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In the book The Stranger, the main character is viewed by society as callous. Meursault does not accept the norms of the society he lives in. Meursault is peculiar and does not behave like everybody else. Throughout the book Meursault is apathetic and detached. “Mother deceased. Funeral Tomorrow. Faithfully yours… that doesn’t mean anything. Maybe it was yesterday.” (3) The reaction that Meursault had towards his mother, is not what we consider normal. How can you not feel love for the woman that brought you to life. A mother gives you love throughout the 9 months that she carries you inside of her. She protects you from anything she considers dangerous. “ I even had the impression that the dead woman lying in front of them didn’t mean anything to them.” (11) Meursault referred to his mother as the dead woman. He referred to her as if she was any other woman. His relationship with Marie happened the day after the funeral.“ Once we were dressed, she seemed surprised to see I was wearing a black tie and asked me if I was in mourning. I told her Maman had died. She wanted to know how long ago, so I said, yesterday.” (20) He went out with Marie the day after his mother's funeral and was not sorrowful, instead he was carefree. After, the encounter that Marie and Meursault shared they began to have a relationship. “ Marie came by to see me and asked me if I wanted to marry her. I said it didn’t make a difference to me and we could if she wanted to” (41) Meursault did not care if they got married or not and even said that if any other woman asked him he would say the same thing. This behavior is not considered expected from a person that is suppose to be in love with another. Even when Marie said that marriage was important Meursault said that was not important at all. “The women were beautiful and I asked Marie if she’d noticed” (42) One can find what Meursault said to Marie disrespectful. A man should not ask his girlfriend if she thought the women were beautiful as well. Even though he does not love her and have a different concept of marriage. Meursault was at the beach with his friends when an Arab was approaching them. Raymond had given meursault his gun and told him only to shoot if they took out the
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