Analysis Of Mice And Men By John Steinbeck

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Srinivasa Mudumba
English 9R
May 13, 2015
Part one: I want to find out how important it is to take care of those in need? I am interested in this because there are a lot of people in the world that have disabilities and they need help. In mice and men, Lennie has trouble understanding the outside world and he takes time to process things in his brain. Lennie doesn’t know his strength and he can get into trouble easily. For example, when Curly wants to fight with Lennie, Lennie accidentally breaks his right arm. At the end of the story, Lennie hugs a puppy but accidentally kills it. Also, he kills Curly’s wife by snapping her neck. People with problems, how can they take care of themselves? In mice and men, George takes care of Lennie by thinking he is a part of him. But in the real world, how important is it to care someone who has certain types of problems?
Part 2: In the United States, there are tons of health hospital and facilities, there all know a little bit off something about how important it to care someone with disabilities. There are websites like the national council on disability or the NCD, The United States centers for disease control and prevention or CDC, and health care. There are also resources like gale, which can hold a lot of information about this particular topic. There are a lot of great information out in the world, some are in book that exist somewhere in the world.
Part 3: The Disabilities act was approved in the 1990; many social
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