Analysis Of Michael Gordon 's ' The ' Michael '

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' 'Michael. ' ' I heard my mother yells from the bottom of the stairs. Choosing to ignore her, I continued my rather heated Xbox game.

' 'Michael, mom wants you. ' ' My sister screeches obviously annoyed at something or another, maybe she 'd ran out of her favourite make-up product. She certainly needed it.

I sigh, running a hand through my uncombed hair, why did she need me? I just wanted to play my game and eat junk food all day.

' 'MICHAEL GORDON CLIFFORD GET YOUR SORRY LITTLE ARSE DOWN HERE NOW!" Mother 's blood-curling scream pains my ears and I grunt pausing my game and swinging my legs over the edge of bed and out the cream doorway.

' 'How can arse 's be sorry? ' ' I mutter as I jog down the stairway, my phone griped tightly in my hand.

' 'I heard that Michael and if you don 't watch out then I will make you and your arse sorry in a moment. ' ' Karen, my mom shakes her head in disappointment as she calls from the kitchen.

I open the door to find my sister, Lauren sitting there on her phone, tapping away with the volume on full. For fuck sake she was so annoying. She was a year younger than me and all she did was have her friends and boyfriend over. Who I couldn 't stand by the way. But more on that later. My mother was icing her famous Christmas yule log that everybody loved. It was sort of tradition, my grandma had always made one so when she died my mom felt obliged to carry on making them. Since we were hosting Christmas this year, she had to make five…
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