Analysis Of Michael Gow Will Be The Road Not Taken By Robert Frost

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It’s known that everyone has their own way of understanding and developing into the concept of self-discovery through different types of ways this can include emotional, creative, intellectual, physical and spiritual. So, the question is, does self-discovery only work within an individual or can it be influenced by others around us? Morning, teachers and fellow class mates. My prescribed related text to away by Michael gow will be the road not taken by Robert frost. Away explores the concept of self-discovery and transformation through the characters as they change. By encountering a physical journey, it provides the character with new perspective on life and an understanding attitude away from the strenuous and monotonous activities.…show more content…
The stage direction, “Gwen and Jim embrace” shows her self-realization has also led to reconciliation between her and Jim, her husband. This emphasises the power of love combined with the power of nature whist in the environment of the beach. Through a valuable physical journey Gwen has been provided with an opportunity to broaden her perception of life. Similarly Coral, another protagonist, is depicted as experiencing emotional development as a result of her journey, to the Gold Coast. The literal journey parallels her metaphysical travels. Dialogue and character interaction reveal her suffering before her holiday. Due to Coral’s deep suffering from the tragic loss of her only son in the Vietnam War she has neglected to interact and connect with people. “You’re on your honeymoon, aren’t you?” shows Coral has learnt to freely communicate with fellow travellers in orderly fashion whist on her holiday. Still Coral feels confined by her husband’s threat of hospitalization so she escapes to a more natural environment. At the beach Coral meets Tom, a catalyst for her change. Their conversation got her “back into the swim.” This is emphasised by Coral’s participation in “The Stranger on the Shore,” where she reiterates her past, “I’m walking” suggests she has accepted the true facts of reality. “The light becomes bright, summery,” this stage direction demonstrates
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