Analysis Of Michael Gow Will Be The Road Not Taken By Robert Frost

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It’s known that everyone has their own way of understanding and developing into the concept of self-discovery through different types of ways this can include emotional, creative, intellectual, physical and spiritual. So, the question is, does self-discovery only work within an individual or can it be influenced by others around us? Morning, teachers and fellow class mates. My prescribed related text to away by Michael gow will be the road not taken by Robert frost. Away explores the concept of self-discovery and transformation through the characters as they change. By encountering a physical journey, it provides the character with new perspective on life and an understanding attitude away from the strenuous and monotonous activities. By going away physically, people are making their first important steps towards self-discovery and change. In “Away”, Gow uses dramatic techniques that highlight the learning opportunities of two protagonists’ on their physical travels. . “We’ve got a new caravan,” suggests Gwen, Gwen’s journey to a caravan park shows her materialistic views have not changed. Due to a violent storm she is forced to travel to natural surroundings, the beach where she encounters the opportunity for emotional development from a fellow traveller, Vic. During their conversation Gwen says, “Come on, down to the water” which symbolizes cleansing, purifying and the renewal of Gwen. Gwen has grown emotionally and can be shown through a juxtaposition of dialogue, “I

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