Analysis Of Michael H. Silber 's ' Chronic Insomnia '

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For the past decades, due to its fast growing technologies and advanced living society, there has been a tremendous change in people 's lifestyles. Unlike the old times, people nowadays tend to get few hours of sleep or less than their body needs. Sleep deprivation could occur for the reason of the busy daily routines, such as: stress from work, any kind of relationships, school, and family. There are so many different areas where people get stressed and suffer through sleep deprivation, insomnia. Michael H. Silber is a highly qualified as one of the authors because he has various different degrees. He worked for many positions, such as: American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology - Sleep Medicine, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology…show more content…
In her article "Evaluation and Treatment of Insomnia," she declares "An individual with chronic insomnia, however, does obtain varying amounts of sleep, although it is generally inadequate in quantity or quality. The most frequent problem among patients with chronic insomnia is difficulty falling asleep, either as a single complain or in combination with difficulty staying asleep, or early final awakening" (1). ( I feel like I need a transition sentence but I cannot think of a good one) There are three interesting aspects of chronic insomnia: Causes of the disorder, symptoms and diagnosis, and treatment. The first interesting aspect of chronic insomnia are the causes of the disorder. Today, many people suffer insomnia with various different reasons. Some may be suffering because of the lack of hours of sleep they are getting because of school, some may be having a stressful time at their work places, the rest may be going through medication. However, the most common causative factors found in insomnia are situational, medical, and psychiatric. Devon A. Sherwood is a graduate student who received his Bachelor 's Degree and Pharmacy in Doctorate 's at University of Connecticut. His colleague, Jose A. Rey who also has received his Pharmacy degree at Nova Southeastern University thoroughly explains about causative factors in their article, "Stop Losing Sleep Over Insomnia" stating, "Situational causes of insomnia include stress, conflicts, or
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