Analysis Of Michael Harrington 's The Other America

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After World War II, The United States remained as one of the two superpowers in the world. Shortly after the war, the American economy began to prosper and this lasted for a few decades. The consumer culture rose, the size of the middle class increased, and there was an increasing number of people moving out of cities into suburbs. However, not everyone was able to live this way. An estimated twenty two percent of the American population still lived in poverty. Although the standard of living increased during this time, many factors led to the unequal distribution of wealth in society. Racism determined housing, Occupancy determined economic status, and education determined social status. Michael Harrington’s, The Other America clearly depicts these problems in America’s affluent society and how many people were left in the dark. In the primary source, The Other America by Michael Harrington which was published as a book in 1961, it is clearly evident that Harrington is deeply passionate about those who live in poverty and are left to overcome problems placed before them alone. Harrington’s main idea is that although America seemed to be enjoying a “golden age” in capitalism, there is still another side to this truth. The other side that lives in the darkness and are unable to overcome their place in life. According to Harrington, “The failures, the unskilled, the disabled, the aged, and the minorities are right there, across the tracks, where they have always been. But
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