Analysis Of Michael Jackson, King Of Pop

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There are times when we listen to songs but often ignore the musical details associated with the songs. We simply enjoy the beats and the essence of the song and it becomes our favorite piece of music. I believe that it is very important to focus on the details of the song because it brings that piece of music to life. One of my all-time favorite singer is Michael Jackson, King of Pop. Michael Jackson is known for his upbeat songs, not only because of his unique composition but also because of the fact that he used various kind of instruments in his songs. One of the reasons his songs are so popular even today is because of the presence of a certain rhythm that gets stuck in your head with the combination of different musical textures. A good example of this is one of his hit songs “Beat it” from the Album Thriller. In this piece you hear different kinds of instruments, along with melodic texture. Also, the rhythm plays a very big role in this piece because it helps to bring the piece together in a very organized manner. This song is my favorite song by the singer because it gets me excited and pumped up. I enjoy the music in the song and also feel that the singer gave justice with his high pitch, which is not too high but just enough to make the song stand out from all the rest. Additionally, in the song “Beat it” there is a lot of focus on three kind of instruments which are membraphones, chordophones and electrophones. These three kind of instruments are the main part
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