Analysis Of Michael Jackson 's ' The Equalization Of Blacks And Whites '

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Throughout our generation today, the equalization of blacks and whites is a very big controversy in everyday life. This year white actor Joseph Fiennes was reportedly chosen to cast as the role of the superstar Michael Jackson in a British movie about a road trip Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor, and Marlon Brando took after the incident of 9/11. This articles speaks about the uproar of the African Americans about the decision to have a white man play the artistic icon of African American culture, Michael Jackson. It discusses who is able to assume a specific role in movies based on race and culture of the character compared to the person playing the character. Without getting the opinions of people on who they think should play the iconic popstar, they chose a white man. Joseph Fiennes, a white British man, was given the role of Michael Jackson in the upcoming British film “Elizabeth, Michael, & Marlon”. Many people, particularly African Americans, were outraged with this decision, especially since this was the second year in a row that all the Academy Award nominees were white. African Americans feel that Michael Jackson, considered to be a cultural hero and “greatest song and dance man of the 20th century” should be played by a black actor. It makes you wonder if a white actor can play a black character or vice versa. This discussion demonstrates two different sociological concepts. One being of racial socialization as it relates to the race of the actor who should play Michael
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