Analysis Of Michael Jackson 's ' The Song ' Of The Mirror '

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The song "Man in the Mirror" by Michael Jackson reflects his views on social issues and encourages social change. Born in 1958 in Gary, Indiana, at a young age, Michael Jackson became the lead singer of the popular group, the Jackson 5. He went on to a solo career with extraordinary success. The “King of Pop” with ought a question reached the pinnacle of success when he delivered the best-selling album in history. Michael had two awfully short marriages which lead him to have 3 children who were usually hid from the public eye. Unfortunately, in the 1990’s the downfall of being a famous legend had caught up with Michael. His physical appearance began to change significantly, and his behavior grew extremely bizarre, making him a perfect target for the media. Sadly, on 25 June 2009, Jackson suffered cardiac arrest in his Los Angeles home and passed away.

The genre of this hit song is a mix between pop and soul. The song exhibits characteristics of pop because of its musical properties, such as being catchy, short, simple and melodic. This song also draws a grand influence on soul music because soul songs are often loaded with passion and focus on what’s absolutely needed to be said. They generally have a deeper meaning that is just aching to get out, which this song clearly has, with no doubt.

The exceptional songwriter behind the song is Siedah Garre. She always had a great passion towards Jackson’s music, and always dreamt of writing a song for him. She wanted to write…
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