Analysis Of Michael Joseph Jackson 's Life

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Michael Joseph Jackson was born to Joe and Katherine Jackson in Gary, Indiana on August 29, 1958. Jackson’s childhood consisted of being driven to success by his father. He was neglected and abused by him because Jackson did not have the opportunity to have free will, instead he spent all his time in a recording studio consistently practicing music with his older brothers (Lewis, 2011). For this reason, Michael Jackson had no time to play among other children his age, he only devoted his entire childhood to working. He began his successful musical career with family members in the Jackson Five (Brown &Abdul-Aleem, 2009). This band of brothers performed in talent events which included night competitions in the Harlem Apollo Theater. Soon after their rising success the family group was signed into Motown Music Record in the year 1967. Berry Goroy was their founder and as a result of their talent they obtained admiration with four Number 1 singles (Brown &Abdul- Aleem, 2009). Michael Jackson began to outperform from his brothers and quickly proved he had a bright career ahead as a solo artist. In the year 1972 he released his first album, where the title single ranked to No. 1. Michael Jackson’s captivating success led him to perform his first film debut. (Brown & Abdul-Aleem, 2009). As a result, during the 1980’s Jackson took a drastic impact in every music genre. Jackson also revolutionized the music industry in American culture and around the world due to his long-lasting

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