Analysis Of Michael Moore 's ' Sicko '

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Michael Moore has been known to create films in which in my opinion has shown how liberal-minded and bias he can really be, a truly unsatisfying quality, when you think of the issues that are covered in his films and the power he has to carry out real change. However, in this film “Sicko” he has really grown from the Michael Moore we all have grown to dislike, the film is very insightful, generating quality thoughts and questioning, why do we not fight more to advocate for a better health care system? Mr. Moore gave some exceptional facts with exception towards the end of the film, when he uses sarcasm and clearly political propaganda to show war enemies receiving the best of care, while hard-working Americans receive subpart care. I guess the old saying rings true that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

This film focuses on one of our nation’s biggest issue, The Health Care System. At every presidential election debate, the topic is brought up to gage on how each candidate will, during their presidency, rectify or even improve the current system that is already failing thousands of Americans. Mr. Moore has tried to exposed the industry for what it truly is, a profitable billion-dollar business, with well-paid CEO’s and Doctors that get paid more based on how many surgeries the perform for ill patients and not by how well they’ve treated patients with preventive care to avoid diseases.

This film seemed more pathos, even with the addition of some facts and figures on
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