Analysis Of Michael Pollan 's Article Food Fight

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Name: Dongxu Ma English 1A Instructor: G. Ziff Assignment 2 Date: 01/10/2014 Draft 1 Farmer’s Market What is a common American food market? To me, an International student from China, the first impression of American markets is the large dense stores like Wal-Marts that include all kind of food and supplies. It is a wonderful place that has efficiency and cheapness. However, in Michael Pollan’s article Food Fight, he mentions “Although cheap food is good politics, it turns out there are significant costs – to the environment, to public health … food has come back into view.” (Pollan 109) Whereas my opinion about the American markets is great for its convenience, Pollan says the cheap food these supermarkets supply is actually bad for…show more content…
People that have lower income cannot afford the price of better food; therefore those people would choose to shop in large groceries for its lower price and larger quantity. In Pollan’s word, supermarkets sell cheap and unhealthy food to consumers while Farmer’s Market can afford consumers better options. However People can still get better organic food in supermarkets at lower price these days. It actually applies that supermarkets nowadays are serving better quality food from local farms just as what Pollan’s idea of Farmers Market but with wholesale price. Consumers now prefer supermarkets for its increasing better quality food and stable price. Also, as I mentioned before, supermarket is really convenient for consumers for not only having better quality food in lower price but also serving multi – options in a large amount. Compare to the supermarkets, the space of Farmer’s Market is limited, which leads to the food options are limited. Farmer’s Market cannot satisfy every consumer’s need of food. From what I observed in Berkley’s Farmers Market, the food options is really being restricted. Farmer’s can only get food that is easy to be carried and kept like fruits, vegetables and made up articles for selling, and consumers, in the other hand, have limited options. Also, not everyone has the ability to get the food from Farmer’s Market for its location and

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