Analysis Of Michael Rogers 's ' The Crucible '

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Chapter 1 Introduction Michael Rogers, a working class paddler, temporarily employed and carelessly lifestyled man is the narrator. Michael also called as Mike has a very close friend, in fact only friend, Rudolf Santonix, an architect who is very famous but a cancer patient and has less hopes of surviving more than a year or two. Santonix is interested in building up a house for Michael. One day Mike goes out for a walk in a village where he has come as a driver serving a couple to their destination. He meets the daughter of a very rich but diseased businessman, Fenella Guteman “Ellie” standing underneath a tree who desires for a life away from the circle of her wealthy relations & advisers and suffocating pendulum life of being under their powers. Mike & Ellie despite of their differences fall in love with each other and develop a romantic relation that leads to their secretly marrying with the help of Ellie’s secretary, Greta Anderson. Ellie is full of enthusiasm towards her new and free life, she knows about her husband’s admiration towards the house called Gipsy Acre situated exactly where Mike met Ellie. She is able to purchase it and Mike asks Santonix to build it for them to which he agrees with pleasure. The new couple introduces themselves with the locals of the village including Major Phillpot who is referred as the ‘god’ of village, Claudia Hardcastle, who shares the love for riding horses with Ellie and develop a good friendship with her and Ms Ester Lee, who

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