Analysis Of Michael Sliwinski 's The Globalization Of Cinema

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Introduction Michael Sliwinski had commented the Globalization of Cinema: "the latest hit in the Avengers franchise, debuted in theaters recently and made more than $200 million in a single weekend. The surprising part, however, is that it earned that $200 million outside the U.S. before the movie even opened stateside" (2015). Hollywood is more driven by foreign markets abroad. Nearly 60% box office came from overseas. The American film producers know how to secure the international market. That is, how to take a general audiences ' fancy. They were increasingly relying on big-budget blockbusters and avoid nuanced and culturally specific stories to make translation easy. They also show movie stunts to attract audiences. At the same time,…show more content…
The analysis also attempts to explain the role of media activities in meeting audience needs. At the same time, this discussion will concentrate on the study of the audience, and try to summarize the universal principles of the relationship between media activities and audience. Generally speaking, this article will draw on the methods of research about Marxism, fan culture, and image stars ' building. That is, making the image star creation for fans as the central point of the analogy. On the other hand, it also provides some discussion on the review of Marxism, fan culture and differences between traditional media and social media. Second, a kind of image star about this research question will be discussed as the case study. That is, the American superheroes. And analyzing the nature that how these image stars influence the process of audiences transform into fans. Then, the analysis will summarize necessary elements. And finally, some general conclusions will be drawn regarding the method about what is the role of those American superheroes in the process that audiences transform into fans through image star creation. The article first provides some discussion on the review of Fans Culture. Next, building the logical structure of Star Theory as a reference, to discuss the formation of Fans Culture in the process of interaction between media materials and audiences. And finally, some general conclusions will be made regarding the reason of audience
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