Analysis Of Michael Zancan's The Garden Of Giants

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The oil on canvas “Tears of Joy in the Garden of Giants” by Michael Zancan was created in south west France back in January of 2011. This surreal artist plunges into his fantasies creating mystical worlds filled with vivid hues and outstanding details. A long process awaited this particular piece. During one of his travels, the first draft got misplaced at a metro station for many months. Filled with hope, Zancan continued his research of varying structural forms that 1900’s dome glasshouses used in order to incorporate them into his masterpiece. Fortunately, he found architectural inspiration within the walls of The Grand Palais in Paris. A digital painting was drafted using the old sketch he had initially lost in the metro and on, December 2005 the first draft was ready for critique. This digital prototype served as a guide for the 120 by 200 cm oil on canvas. On to the drawing board! Fascinated by the vivid world, Zancan gave two additional coats of oil on the art to enhance the painting’s contrast before its final reveal. To this day, the original canvas remains by romantic’s side in France. Zancan is strategic, he wants to increase his popularity seeing that, his art’s value will grow along with it. In addition, high quality prints can be obtained and purchased through his web page.

Like a prima ballerina whom incorporates strength and beauty with every move she makes, Zancan conveys his very essence within every brush stroke. Tears of joy, have you

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