Analysis Of Micro Fragrance Conglomerate Shanghai Ltd

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Analysis and Evaluation

As Micro Fragrance Conglomerate Shanghai Ltd is a newly developed retailer for China, The company has to have a good marketing strategy in order to be a market leader in such a competitive market, in addition it must mean that Micro Fragrance must have a competitive price in order to be a attractive product in the market. In order to have a good marketing strategy, it is important to understand the customer demands so they should do a market research which is also in Chapter 4.4, Market Research.

Market Research should be done before the actual business is formed in China, whereby it is a basic understanding of the fragrance market. As Micro Fragrance has used the Focus group method to focus on, they are focusing
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The other factor the customers are attracted by based on the survey is the product technology it brings, how the company make use of the nano particle technology to take full advantage to create the best effect.

Based from the surveys asked to the customers of Micro Fragrance Conglomerate Shanghai, its a way to learn the customer demands and what they think of Micro Fragrance’s current performances. Figure 1-5 shows the consumer satisfaction towards the product, which has shown a fairly positive feedback, brings us to the Chapter 4.2 Marketing Planning, which is a plan that would be the firm’s marketing objectives towards this business. It helps to seek which direction the company should be heading and how it slowly goes to the market leader with it’s yearly marketing objectives, the chapter also includes the 4Ps of the marketing mix which is a development towards the marketing strategies that Micro Fragrance has made in the past. It includes product, price, promotion and place. But in this case product, price and promotion should be mainly used and focused in this company. Product for Micro Fragrance is very important as they are a new company, they would have to build up the product’s brand image, its

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