Analysis Of Micro & Micro Environment

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1. Introduction 3
2. Macro Environment & PESTEL Analysis 4 – 9
3. Developing Market Strategy 10 – 16
4. Recommendations For Market Offerings 17 – 21
5. References 22

Every business or organization is originated to provide value to the market place to enhance the profitability level of the enterprise. Marketing will act as a media between companies and consumers to interact and create a long term relationship. Marketing is influenced by both Micro & Micro environment which includes various aspects like Political, Economical and Socio-cultural, Technological & Legal and Environmental. The marketing techniques include choosing target market through market analysis and market segmentation and also understand the consumer behavior. The selection of appropriate promotion and advertising channels plays important role to improve sale and profitability of the company. If we want to launch a wooden toy: abacus in the market we need to target the children of particular age. The abacus is the attractive colorful toy as well as a calculating tool that was in use centuries before. It is beneficial for different age groups differently. For children of age group 3-6 years it will be useful to play with colors and understand the difference between the colors and for children of age group 6-12 it is an attractive mathematical tool for doing difficult additions and subtractions in fraction of seconds. Marketing communication is an essential…

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