Analysis Of Midnight In Paris

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The comedy- romance movie “Midnight in Paris”, directed and written by Woody Allen, portrays a story of a nostalgic writer on his vacation with his wife in the beautiful city of Paris. The character, played by actor Owen Wilson, is a successful writer from Hollywood having major setbacks in his current working novel. Gil has deep feelings to the remarkable and beautiful feature of the city. He takes a car on midnight to the adventures 1920s that he claims he will get inspiration. There he meets all the people that are legendary poets, artists, and writers. However, the theme of the movie has some confusing misdirection than the way Allen wants to interpret his work. Moreover, the movies lightning and cinematographic effects contribute to the confusion. The movie starts with cinematics of the attractive and eye-catching views of the city and this camera angle effect also takes place at night time of the time travel scenes. However, the lightning effects in the 2010 scenes are more warn and bright. In the 1920’s the lighting scenes are dim lights that come from the old street lights. The movie is basically revolving around the city where one introspective writer’s fantasy comes to life so the lightning indicates that the difference in historical nostalgia and his fantasy. The background music is always some French classical music, whatever period the scenes in the movie. That indicates the relating aspects between Gil and his longing of the past. The costuming in the film

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