Analysis Of Mie's Microsoft Dynamics Sl Implementation

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tracking process (Boltena & Gomez, 2012). B. Phase 2: System Definition (Blue Print) The defined scope of MIE’s Microsoft Dynamics SL implementation in phase 1 enables the creation of the Business Blueprint which is a detailed record of MIE 's requirements presented in WinWord format. The second phase of the project included tasks like outlining new policies & procedure, reviewing information flow, developing prototype of modules and defining external system interface. Therefore the expected deliverables of this phase includes definite business process, report requirement, the support of finance and staff work, customization requirement, new policies & procedures, and system interface process booking. The projects basic structures were identified in this stage and Integrated Program Management (IPM) which would finally cover the whole business was also implemented for research and development (Boltena & Gomez, 2012). C. Phase 3: Environment Development The physical adoption of the system and its architecture, and also the evolving working practices within the company were the focus of this stage. The stage was too large to implement in one go, and it was thus split internally into two ‘waves’. The first wave focused on the replacement of legacy systems, and the Shop Floor Data Management (SFDM) which was a new manufacturing execution system was introduced. A Microsoft Dynamics SL pilot project at one of MIE facility served as the definitive conclusion of wave one. The pilot

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