Analysis Of Mike Brown 's Heart Wrenching Story

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On August 9, 2014 the United States shivered in behalf of the unjust treatment that has claimed to be obsolete for the past sixty years. Mike Brown, an unarmed 18-year-old man with African American descent, and his friend had just stolen minor items from a nearby convenience store when they were confronted by Officer Darren Wilson for unrelated reasons to the robbery. Within a strange series of events, Brown’s friend managed to flee while Mike suffered the consequences of racial discrimination from a white officer. The dispute between the officer and the teen resulted with a lethal twelve shots being fired at Mike, despite the fact he was unarmed, made no further enhancement toward Wilson, and his hands were raised in surrender. Mike Brown’s heart-wrenching story is just one of the many that occur daily. Racial discrimination is felt among many and it has yet to subside. Prejudices and discrimination occur all over the world and affect all age groups. Racial discrimination has shown to be the most predominant genre of discrimination in the world and within the population of southern California, judgement of appearance is the most prevalent.
Although religious discrimination is equally prominent in society, everyday millions of people are judged harshly on their natural-born race, even though it is an unchangeable and shameless characteristic. Initially, although the island of Australia was originally dominated by the Aboriginal people, European colonization changed the…
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