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Understanding The Different Rhetorics

Bunn, M. (2011). How to read like a writer: Readings on writing. Writing spaces (Vol. 2, pp.71-85). WAC Clearinghouse.
In the textbook chapter of Mike Bunn’s How To Read Like a Writer, he addresses college graduate students and theatre students. Narrative and descriptive are use to describe Bunn’s form of writing. As he stated in his thesis, “In 1997, I was a recent college graduate student living in London for six months and working at the Palace Theatre owned by Andrew Lloyd Webber.” (71) According to Bunn’s text, he describes his experiences by working at the theatre and being a college graduate student by using rhetoric in his writing. One of the main
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The author’s ethical approach was on the beginning of the first paragraph where he explains his job in a Palace Theatre owned by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Reid, E. S. (2011) Ten ways to think about writing: Metaphoric musings for college writing student. Writing spaces: Readings on writing. (Vol. 2, pp. 3-22). WAC Clearinghouse..
This chapter of the textbook by E. Shelley Reid’s Ten Ways To Think About Writing: Metaphoric Musings for College Writing addresses writing students. Reid uses expository and descriptive types of writing in her text. She describes and explains about the ten different important things when it comes to writing. One example in her chapter is where she explains how to write by the rules, describes the steps on how to be a successful writer and why some people struggle with writing essays or paragraphs sometimes. The writer quoted, “Write about what you know about so that you can show not just tell in order to adapt to your audience’s needs and accomplish your goals. Unless you do a good job showing what you mean, your audience will not understand your message.” (4) She also stated in one of her steps that sometimes the audience or readers of an essay or writing cannot exactly understand what the writer is trying to tell them. She tells her audience to

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