Analysis Of Mike Rose 's ' I Just Wan Na '

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Nikki Yi Ying He Professor Williams English 7 13 October 2014 WC: 952 I Just Wanna Be Average In Mike Rose’s “I Just Wanna Be Average,” he argues that the unfortunate and underprivileged students will not be able to become successful due to the corruption of the American education system. Rose uses Aristotelian Appeals, comparisons and personal narratives, to prove that students who are placed at the bottom level of the school education system can become successful in live if given the correct guidance and opportunities to advance in life. Everyone wants to get through life like anybody else and have an equal chance of succeeding. However, life is an unfair game the lack of care, sympathy and support towards those who were born into the working class has caused them to be confined to their achievements. In this essay Mike Rose narrates his own experiences as an underprivileged student to establish credibility. Rose claims that in the American education system your placement tests are what determine your future. If you failed the test then you are placed in the vocational track which Rose claims to be a dead end, it is taught by poorly regulated and educated teachers. At Mercy high school Rose’s homeroom teacher was Brother Dill. Brother Dill was “a troubled and unstable man” (152) one time he slapped Rose and put him out of school for two months. The English teacher at Mercy was not any better, Mr. Mitropetros “had little training in English” (153). He also had a night

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