Analysis Of Mikhall Kalotozov 's I Am Cuba Loose A Sense Of What Of The Meaning Of Life

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The protagonists in Mikhall Kalotozov’s I am Cuba loose a sense of what of the meaning of life but also mainly themselves. Throughout the film there is a rollercoaster of constant reoccurring loss of innocence but once again is brought back since each character is started off as an innocent. To be innocent means to be pure of heart and without guilt. An innocent person has not done any wrong. It ties into the film because each of the three of the personas start off with the smile but is soon stripped from them for whatever reason.
The cycle first starts off with the persona of Maria. In the beginning of the film she is shown walking down the street casually talking to the fruit seller, also known as the fiancé, René. As Maria is taking to
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When she says she is scared, she is seen in a spaghetti strap black dress wearing a crucifix around her neck. The black dress could be a reference to the fact that her innocence has died along with her personality and identity. As Jim leaves he gives Maria money in exchange for her crucifix, now she has not only lost the last piece of her personality and but the last ounce of innocence she had. One reason that Maria would be scared is due to the fact that she has two personalities, one of which is kept on the down low. The personality kept under locks is the one that is referred to as Betty the club worker, possibly prostitute. The choice of the name Betty as Maria’s “stage name” probably wasn’t at random. In the late 1920’s into the 1930’s Betty Boop was created to represent flapper girls. Flappers were young girls who had yet to enter womanhood. They embraced their free spirit and had many uncontrolled acts of fun with treating sex as something casual. After Maria and Jim have sex and after she is caught by her fiancé she just lays there totally emotionless. The emotionless face she give could be a sign of the fact the sex didn’t mean anything.
Life sucks then gets better and then sucks again. The second protagonist is a farmer named Pedro. Pedro is an old peasant who had it all but then lost completely everything and as soon as his life was getting better he lost
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