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According to legal petitions, in Miller v. Alabama (2012), a 14-year old young man by the name of Evan Miller entered the home of his neighbor, Cole Cannon. He is to have allegedly beat and robbed his neighbor. He exited the premises of Cannon’s home. Later in the same evening, Mr. Miller returned to his neighbor’s home, with a friend, Colby Smith searching for drugs within the trailer. They stole a stack of baseball cards and returned to Miller’s home. Miller and Smith, again returned to Cannon’s home where they reportedly found him unconscious. While there, Miller took $300 out of Cannon’s wallet. Miller was in the process of placing Cannon’s wallet back in his pocket when Cannon awoke and began attacking Miller. At that time, Smith struck Cannon with a bat. At some point during the struggle, Miller took possession of the bat, repeatedly striking Cannon in the head. The pair left the home after they covered Cannon in a sheet. According to the coroner’s exam, Cannon was still alive at this time. Miller and Smith returned again to the trailer and set it on fire in an apparent attempt to cover up their crime (Miller v. Alabama, 2012). The interviewing detective, Tim Sandlin read Miller his Miranda rights. Miller denied any event took place, initially, but subsequently agreed that he had stolen money and driver’s license after a fight with Cannon but had not set the fire. According to the autopsy report, Cannon died from smoke inhalation. However, there were “significant
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