Analysis Of `` Mirror `` By Sylvia Plath And `` The Yellow Wallpaper ``

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art 1: In my ENGL220 class, we have been reading a different kind of literature works. Different literature stories have struck a responsive chord in readers’ hearts. Two of literature works “ Mirror ” by Sylvia Plath and short story “ The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman both shows female’s oppressive living in patriarchal society and control by men. In the poem“ Mirror”, in the 20 century, the society influence women should care about how they look and they feel sad about getting old. Even in the poem did not exist a male role, but I think this is reflected the society women are living in only care about how women’s look. We are using mirror’s point of view to see the woman. Which that is the personification because the mirror does not know how to talk but in the poem mirror tells us the change of the woman’s age. “ It is pink, with speckles” ( Plath 7). In tradition pink is girls’ color and then we can know this poem is for girls and there is not male is standing in the mirror care about how they look. “ I see her back and reflect it faithfully./ She rewards me with tears and an agitation for hands” (Plath 14-15). The woman is crying about she getting old and youth is gone. In the 20 century, society identifies the beauty of the women are very important because their value is beauty and if the beauty is gone they women become useless for society but in that time if the there did not have anything require men to keep. This demonstrates

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