Analysis Of Mirror By Sylvia Plath

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Cara Hoelscher
Essay 1 Stage 2

In Sylvia Plath’s poem, “Mirror” we are looking at two perspectives within it. One may be so obvious to us while the other one is very subtle. The most obvious perspective is the mirror itself but the other one is the woman looking at her reflection. When we think about the perspective of the mirror, we imagine ourselves as an inanimate object that yet still has its own thoughts about what it sees. Taking the perspective as the woman we imagine ourselves as we are when we look in the mirror or we imagine the viewpoint from someone who is aging, worn down and feels defeated. “I am not cruel, only truthful” the mirror thinks to itself. Even though the mirror cannot speak it appears it’s saying that it wouldn’t lie to the one who is looking at it. It will show all that it sees and be honest. The mirror mentions that it has “no preconceptions” and whatever it sees, it sees “unmisted by love or dislike”. This shows us that the mirror has no judgment each time that someone goes up to it. With society throughout time, a woman’s appearance always tended to be important. It’s not only the fear of being perfect that the mirror sees but it’s frustration. It could be frustration from anything. The mirror is given “tears and an agitation of hands”. It makes us question what the mirror sees on a day to day basis. The other question is what is the woman emotional about? Is it the need for perfection or is it inner workings of her brain? How
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