Analysis Of `` Mirror `` By Sylvia Plath

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“Mirror” by Sylvia Plath is a short lyric poem written with no rhyme scheme as it is written in free verse. However, the poem has a nice flow to it, as the words fluctuate gracefully through each line. Plath heavily uses imagery and symbolism in this lyric poem as this can be observed in the first stanza. In addition to the types of literary devices Plath uses continually throughout her poem, she also has set her poem in two locations. In the first verse, the setting is in a bathroom, one can infer this through her use of imagery. The second known setting is a lake, but as a reader, we do not know much about this lake. The one thing that is quite odd about this poem is the narrative, as Plath uses personification to give…show more content…
Which is the main struggle throughout this poem as the women cannot come to realization that her youth and beauty is fading. The mirror does not show this mist and reveals to the women all her blemishes and aging marks. As Plath continues her poem she still relies heavily on literary devices such as personification to convey her poem. She starts the fourth line with the mirror expressing how honest the reflection of the mirror may be to the viewer. However, the mirror starts to justify the harsh reflections by saying it only portrays the truth. Plath then starts to use imagery again as she vividly describes the room in which the mirror is hung. Although the room is cheerful as it is “is pink, with speckles” the mirror experiences sadness. Since faces come in to consider the mirror and then leave abruptly shutting the light off immersing it in darkness. In stanza two Plath now has changed the narrator from the mirror to the lake. Since in verse ten it says “Now I am a lake.” Plath uses the lake as a metaphor because the lake is still serving a purpose similar to the mirror by reflecting images back to the observer as well. Since the woman goes to the lake and “bends over me. Searching my reaches for what she really is.” The women is searching for herself, she is attempting to learn more about herself through the reflection. The women then proceed to
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