Analysis Of Mitch Albom 's Book ' I Didn 't Expect Much From It '

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The Five People You Meet in Heaven was an incredible journey for me. My expectations were beyond exceeded. When I first picked up Mitch Albom’s book, I didn’t expect much from it. I thought it to be just another book that would tell you the same message as all of the others: “Make the most of your time on earth,” or “You exist for a reason.” Cheesy little lessons, right? You find them everywhere, in almost every book like this one. Well, first of all, yes, The Five People You Meet in Heaven did teach you these lessons, and many more, but Albom wove them into the plot in a unique way. Eddie, in an act to save a child, passes in an accident at his workplace, Ruby Pier. Once in Heaven, he is taught five different lessons by five different people who had impacted his life in some way, shape, or form. Some he remembered vividly, others he merely gave a passing glance, and a few he’d never properly met before. These five important people teach Eddie five important lessons that are crucial for him to learn. We all could benefit from these valuable teachings, not just Eddie. The first lesson was taught by a blue-skinned man who had worked at Ruby Pier’s “freak show.” He was always referred to as “the Blue Man,” but his actual name was Joseph Corvelzchick. The lesson he taught Eddie was, while we all have a different perspective, our lives are all entwined, in some way or another. In other words, everything happens for a reason. The Blue Man crashed his car when Eddie ran across

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