Analysis Of Mitch Albom 's ' The Five People You Meet ' Heaven '

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hroughout the course of our lives, we often allow seemingly unimportant events to go by unnoticed. It is difficult to acknowledge the true capacity a seemingly unimportant event can have on the direction of our lives. Additionally, as humans, we struggle to perceive the potentially positive outcomes that can result from a catastrophic event, such as the death of a loved one or the demise of a friendship or relationship. In “The Five People You Meet in Heaven,” Mitch Albom composes an insightful story on the life and death of Eddie, a maintenance employee at an amusement park. As the story progress, Eddie individually meets five people in heaven who, unbeknownst to him, all performed a fundamental role in shaping the course of his life. In…show more content…
Due to the catastrophic loss of blood, Eddie was airlifted to a hospital, separating himself from the remainder of his unit. His unit later went on to die after driving over a landmine, rendering Eddie the only survivor of his unit. For a lifetime, Eddie perceived his handicapped leg as a burden and a nuisance, not fully understanding the bullet in his permanently impaired leg is what allowed his life to continue on. At the end of the story, Eddie meets the fifth and final person in heaven, a small, disfigured and severely burned Filipino girl. It takes Eddie a moment to realize, but the small shadow Eddie witnessed moving within the burning hut was the little girl standing beneath him. He had unknowingly murdered a small child. As Eddie began to fully comprehend the egregious act he had committed so many years before, he collapsed into a state of anguish and utter despair, unsure of what to do. The young girl, a victim of Eddie’s act of vengeance, not knowing much English, muttered a few words, saying, “Children, you keep them safe. You make good for me” (Albom 191). Eddie always placed the blame on his father for him spending the rest of his life working at the pier, but perhaps a small part of Eddie knew he killed a child when he burned down that hut many years before. Perhaps, unconsciously, Eddie felt he had a duty to spend the remainder of his life at the pier providing an enjoyable

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