Analysis Of Modern Day Tech Managers

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The world of technology is changing and advancing, in this day and age, faster than it ever has before. In order for businesses who create new technology and databases to not be left behind, they must find a way to better manage their groups in order to achieve upmost efficiency. Modern day tech managers can raise their effectiveness through the use of different processes, the first being agile project management, and the second being the scrum process. By using these processes group can ensure efficiency and effectiveness.
The importance of process often goes unnoticed and unappreciated in the business world. Process is oftentimes seen as difficult to change, but it is this way because processes are tied to traditional business objectives. When the business objectives involve being innovative, the process will become more organic and flexible. In addition to supporting business objectives, the agile process framework must promote self-organization, be flexible and easy to adapt, support visibility into the process, and incorporate practices that support each phase. The APM model focuses on delivery and adaptation and the phase names reflect both activities and results. There are five phases of agile project management. The first phase is the envision phase, which creates a vision for the project team, the customers, and anybody else who may be involved. The envision phase covers what, who, and how. The second phase is the speculation phase, which consists of gathering the…
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