Analysis Of Modern Lincolns ArenT Normal Ford

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Modern Lincolns Aren’t Normal Fords Now, some might say that “Your title is wrong, in the fact that the Lincoln Motor Company was acquired by Ford Motor Company in 1922, and that very fact makes them just a Ford. (Wiki)” While that may be true, in the objective sense, and partially in the subjective sense circa. 2008, I will explain while you are wrong later. There have been two advertisements for two different vehicles released by Lincoln, one for the Lincoln Continental, and one for the Lincoln MKX. One is a sedan, and the other is a Sport Utility Vehicle, and they are both providing a way to stand out of the normal realm that Lincoln has been trapped in, and really shine away from Ford. Starting off with the Continental Commercial,…show more content…
The last twenty seconds or so of the commercial show some driving around in the water, and it goes over the Features that the Continental shares with other Lincoln Cars, the Silverwood center console that came with the Chalet theme for the Black Label, the sliding cup holder cover, the Sync 3 infotainment system that it shares with the Ford vehicles, and other standard Lincoln amenities. The second commercial is the feature for the Lincoln MKX, called “Welcome” which is the second largest sized SUV out of the four that Lincoln offers, and is based on the Ford Edge chassis. This Commercial starts out with Matthew McConaughey getting dressed up, shows him putting on a nice white shirt, putting on an expensive looking watch, and then immediately flashes to a short scene of the front Grille of the MKX, signaling that the MKX is just as nice. He puts on a black suit jacket, and starts to walk towards the door to go to whatever expensive party that he is getting dressed up for. As he is walking out the door, he walks by a table next to the door that has a single Lincoln key, which signals to me that the MKX is the only car that you need. It shows the entrance illumination feature that comes with the MKX, where the Lincoln emblem gets projected onto the ground from the mirror. After he sits in the driver’s seat, it shows him pushing the start button, and it flashes to the tachometer, and displays a very
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