Analysis Of Moments In A Championship Tale

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Moments in a Championship Tale
From Suspension to Winning State Championship! Don’t panic. The most daunting thing about our soccer season will reveal itself. Ever wonder how a soccer team won the state championship title with half the team suspended from three to six games? Well I have the answers to those question, just keep reading.
Hold on, why are you curious? Is there something about a great sports story that transcends audiences? Perhaps it is because we are seemingly hardwired to root for an underdog, or fight to overcome the adversity in our own lives. We may have even come from behind and had victory, which was savored and desired. Once tasted, we needed to taste victory again. Almost a half of the girls’ soccer squad was
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It may take some time to glue the pieces together but even though you can clearly see the cracked edges.
Cool crisp autumn air surrounded the carefully manicured green fields. The straight white lines in contrast to the autumn colors of the surrounding trees. Almost everyone goes to the sporting events and it helps create a positive atmosphere. Many community members come to watch a miniature battle with a ball and a goal. They will cheer, they will yell, they will scream, and they will support us. The many faces of the crowd will pass by in many shades. You would not miss the players as they costume in white or yellow jerseys. Four legged blue and green objects would unfold for those looking for a comfortable seat. Voices sound out as the game is in progress but fall upon deaf ears when the players’ focus is too hard to break. Only one voice penetrates and you have heard it a million times at practice.
At first a lot of people lost faith in the whole team. Then they saw how much we all loved the game, and how hard we worked even after a big heart break. We were in the process, day to day, of rebuilding the cracked confidence of the team. My role would be to step up. Not just lace up the spiked shoes but to take a step toward being a strong team member. Even if this means taking a new field position. I reposition with courage and strength to overcome the pressure. Part of teamwork, more than anything else, is
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