Analysis Of ' More Than One Way

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Milanna Oleynik
Mrs. Coad
Honors Sophomore English
March 19, 2015
Reevaluating the Mockingbird

When one embarks on reading Jennifer Murray’s article, “More Than One Way to
(Mis)Read a Mockingbird”, it becomes known that she is taking her readers through a thorough reanalysis of the novel To Kill a Mockingbird. Murray proclaims that Harper Lee’s novel is somewhat misunderstood and over appreciated. She claims that “To Kill a Mockingbird, despite its awards and popularity, is a less than great novel”, and instead it should be a novel that is “worthy of critical consideration” (Murray 1). In order to develop her claim further Murray offers some extensive pieces of example from the pages of Lee’s novel and from the many works of other authors and their perspectives on the novel. Murray’s first major confliction with the understanding of To Kill a Mockingbird was with how people saw who (of the characters) it was the major theme of the novel was addressed to. Murray continues to support her previously stated argument by offering yet another bit of evidence; this was comparing her view on who was Calpurnia to the Finch family to other authors’ views. Murray begins to conclude her paper by adding one more indication on how Lee’s novel was misinterpreted; this slight indication was that of how the symbolic meaning behind the mockingbird was misjudged. After evaluating Murray’s critique of Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, it comes with ease to agree with the following points that…
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