Analysis Of ' Mother Tongue ' By Amy Tan

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Language is key in order to communicate vast complex “Englishes” we picked up during our youth and benefited from it by broadcasting our ideas to speak amongst our family, friends, and peers. Language is defined as, “ the method of human communication, either spoken or written, consisting of the use of words in a structured and conventional way,” by Merriam-Webster. From my perspective, I believe that our language can convey our “Englishes” to speak with many types of characters on certain types of situations. Knowing that we as humans, has a certain adaptation of picking up things we hear, can be beneficial due to the fact, that we use those components in order to communicate. In the article, “Mother Tongue,” by Amy Tan, discusses a time, where she had to deal with learning three types of “Englishes” from her mother which includes simple, broken and watered-down English. Having to deal many struggles and worrying about being criticized can be agitating due to the fact, that she wanted to be seen as speaking and writing proper academic English. But through thick and thin, Tan believes that the “Englishes” she learned from her mother is very important and shouldn’t be concealed with only them two but, should be shown towards everyone reading her stories. Having a vast amount of “Englishes” is great, however I specifically speak three types of English which consist of Taglish, texting, and academic English. Due to my background as an American-Filipino citizen in

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